Mitch and Vanessa Parrish

Mitch and Vanessa Parrish are the proprietors of Encore Hair Boutique. With the Lords guidance Vanessa Parrish a stylist herself for over 26 years was given the vision for Encore and what they were purposed by God to be. The ELITE Not CARNAL but ORDAINED REVELATION of EXCELLENCE is Encore. Through obedience and discipline, the couple saw the vision become a reality in June of 2000. Mrs. Parrish’s experience brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Encore and it’s staff. The salon is divine designed as a place of refuge for it’s clients, and our desire is to serve in such a way that our clients feel good about themselves from the inside out.

In divine clarity Encore stands out like a jewel as the premier salon in Southern Prince George’s County. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best in healthy hair care and excellent customer service.

vanessa_parrishVanessa Parrish

The owner of Encore has a passion and a belief that getting your hair done should be more than just an appointment; it should be an experience. Because of her own personal experience of having low self esteem, lack of confidence, and not knowing who she was created to be, she wanted to create an environment of women for women that promoted inward as well as outward healing, transformation, and beauty. A cosmetologist for over 33 years and now a licensed minster for over 5 years, her desire to see women not just fixed up, made-up, and covered up on the outside but transformed inwardly so that the manifestation of the inward confidence and good self esteem would be evidence of personal victory in their lives. In starting Encore Hair Boutique, it was not just “business as usual” to Vanessa, but a higher calling. It was important to her to have a place for women not just to have an appointment, but have an experience.